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Top Distributor of Health and Beauty Products in France

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

The largest health and beauty product industry is in France. We have to play a vital role even in this pandemic situation. Our local products are demanded globally. That is why; you need to choose the best health and beauty products distributors for your business.



This is the all in one international distributor in Paris. If you have a small and mid-size business and want to market your products in France and China, then do not hesitate to call us directly. We deal with the skincare, pharmacy and FMCG sectors.

We have professionals for marketing and creating a profitable distribution channel for our clients.

XL Group

XL Group is another popular distributor in France, which deals with small and mid-size manufacturers and distributes them abroad. They have an experienced group of market analyzers to locate your customer base. Besides, Wilbiz, you can choose them as your sales and marketing partner.

RBG Paris- Rose of Bulgaria

RBG PARIS is a beauty product distributor in France. They distribute fragrances, cosmetics and cosmetic perfumes in Asia, Brazil and Western Europe. They follow all the European rules, safety and environmental standards. They have their own products as well.

Veto Compagnon

This company deals with the pet food industry in Durtal. If you need health and beauty items for your pets, then you should contact them.

Tresors D’Argan Sarl

This is a wholesale distributor in France. Tresors was founded in 2004. They market the products and equipment in salons. Besides that, if you have organic or natural cosmetic items, then you can contact them.

Above all, if you need better branding and marketing solutions for your business growth, then feel free to call us. We have experienced professionals and successful business owners to guide you for long-term success. If you are facing any obstacles or issues, then feel free to call us.