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Top 5 Pricing Strategies for Distribution Companies

Updated: Dec 25, 2020

The price is the source of your income. Besides that, it also shows how much profit you make. Therefore, as an international wholesale distributor, we follow some strategies to set the pricing. Today, we are going to reveal our strategies in this article.

Price Matching

Sometimes we need to evaluate and set the rate comparing what the competitors are charging. This is price matching. This pricing is regulated daily to stay in this market.

This is useful when you have similar products with limited demands in the market. If you set a higher price, you may get fewer sales.

Cost-based Pricing

This rate depends on your expenses. This is a good strategy for technical items because their expenses fluctuate on various occasions. So they need to regulate the rate as well.

Psychological Pricing

This is popular in digital marketing. Your psychological point of view should force you to purchase the products. You can promote discounts and add more value and less price. However, you can create a sense of urgency with a limited-time deal. Nowadays, this strategy is prevalent.

Value Pricing

This is a strategy for the course and education system. You need to evaluate the value and experience and set a rate accordingly. If the product or service looks similar, still it may vary in rating, because of the value. However, you need to show and deliver the extra value to your customers.

Entry Pricing

Many new businesses start with a small margin and lower price. This is called entry pricing. However, this is very effective, and customers love to support these companies.

As a beauty product distributor, we observe many instances like this, and we suggest you to follow this to capture the market and build your reputation. Even in online industries, people follow this to generate leads for their businesses.

If you are an entrepreneur and want business advice to set strategy and pricing, then please do not hesitate to call us. We will discuss and guide you to set the appropriate strategy for your business. Many businesses have trust in us; you can join our online business community. Follow us on social media to get such updates.