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Know about Proper Usage, Disposal and Reuse of Mask

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

Nowadays, the world is infected with the Coronavirus, and masks are a significant part of protecting us from getting this disease. However, because of the pandemic, the world is confronting a deficiency of these masks, and henceforth, the wise use of face covers and costumes are a must.

As a top pharmaceutical distributor, we are providing you basic guidelines on the proper use of masks.

Who Should Use the Masks?

Please remember, you do not need to put a mask while you are at your home and not dealing with infected patients. Well, you know there are three types of masks.

Cotton Masks

This is not recommended when dealing with patients because they do not give a satisfactory result. However, they are still preferred for routine use if you do not have any alternatives.

Surgical Masks

A dispensable mask made of polypropylene might be compelling in blocking viruses and protecting your mouth and nose. This mask is mainly used in hospitals.

N95 Masks

It is made of polypropylene material. These respirators masks protect 95% of germs (up to 0.3 microns). You can use this against COVID 19.

How to Dispose of These Masks?

Specialists think that infections, when left uncovered, can stay a couple of hours even a couple of days. Our sincere request to our readers is to dispose of them properly and do not toss the masks aimlessly in lifts, parks, homes, offices because these can have a potential life threat.

However, a few people are getting them for reuse and henceforth placing their life at serious risk.

Can We Reuse These Masks?

Most masks are for one-time use only. Ideally, a mask should be used once because they are in direct contact with viruses and germs. However, they can be disinfected for reuse. But please remember, when you need to reuse the mask, it should be washed and disinfected properly.

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