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International Trade in Goods and Services in France: an Overview

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Here we will share some basic knowledge on the recent trend, trade negotiation, and how these will help your business. In this way, we are providing you with a brief overview of international trade in goods and services in France.

What are the recent trends affecting the regulation?

The latest trend that we find is the liberal market. Though France has been an EU member since 1958, now the EU has started to create a negotiation panel to settle the trade dispute without the intervention of WTO.

Other recent trends are -

European market is severely affected by the recent trade war. So the EU has taken some protectionist measures to safeguard the market. On the other hand, we can see a stricter draft and enforcement of VAT in some trading goods in France.

What are the authorities responsible for negotiating a trade agreement?

Under article 2-7 of the TFEU (Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union), the European Commission, Parliament and the Council of EU intervene for the negotiation.

How long does it take?

It can take several years, depending on the political situation and willingness of both parties to sign the agreement.

Does it help your business to grow?

Indeed, this will help all the parties, even more to the trading company in France. All these regulations will definitely give you a boost to invest in your business. As you know, we cannot provide all the details here in this single article; still, we can guarantee you that you have a wide scope to capture the international market.

The trading war of America and China affected the worldwide economy, but now in this changing scenario, we have to play a major rule in leading the global market.

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