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International Trade in France: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

When we deal with our clients, we feel that there needs to be a better understanding of international trading in France. That is why, today we are going to clarify some of your doubts related to trade war, free trade agreement and international markets.

What is international trade?

By international trade, we mean the global market, where buyers and sellers are in two different countries. When you notice, products are shipping from/to other countries like the USA, China, Japan. Then this is an example of international trading.

What is the difference between global trade and international trade?

Both terms are synonymous. But global trade is used in a much broader sense to mean unlimited possibilities, without restricting specific countries.

Which product is the most commonly imported in France?

Imported trading goods in France vary each year. However, France imports electric, computer and mechanical equipment. Other imported goods are related to chemical and automobile industries.

Which product is the most commonly exported from France?

France is always famous for beauty products. Besides that, we export aircraft, spacecraft, cars, gas turbines and pharmaceutical products.

However, Wilbiz, one of the leading trading partners France, deals with FMCG, beauty and pharmaceutical products. If you have a small and mid-scale business, then please feel free to call us.

Does trade necessarily require a sales transaction?

It depends on your product and services. Please call us to know more about this. We will arrange a free consultation for you.

What is a trade war?

The trade war is a very popular term since 2018. When one country imposes higher taxes on goods imported from other countries, then this is a trade war. This is mainly an economic weapon to sustain and promote local products.

What are the free trade agreements?

This is an agreement to reduce trade barriers between countries. This is a stimulus to increase export and develop the economy.

What are the international trade agreements?

This is much broader than free trade agreements because it involves the preferential treatment, tariffs, and many other measures.

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