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How Will Covid-19 Impact International Trade Policies?

As the virus spread throughout the globe, the crisis began. Still, the health system is under stress to fight the battle.

Indeed, it has affected and changed various international trade policies. Today, as one of the leading trading partners France, we are sharing our thoughts in this blog post.

We think we can take four actions to control the situation and handle it in a better way.


We have understood that a transparent and shared information base is essential to boost trust and trading policies during this pandemic.

We have received global responses and cooperation to keep our trade flowing.

OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) is sharing information with WTO (World Trade Organization) colleagues to measure the situation and take necessary actions.

Global supply chains

One of the essential parts is managing the global supply chains. We played our part to supply medical facilities, products, goods, and services during this pandemic.

High Expenditure

Due to lockdown and covid restrictions, we faced high expenditure. Still, we are trying to take only the necessary actions to control unavoidable costs. However, our partners are very satisfied with our efforts and management skills.

Long Term growth

Lastly, we focus on long-term goals. We think OECD can play a vital role to ensure the health and security of the people.

The Government played the necessary part to make a quick recovery from the robust, widespread crisis.

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