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Hand Sanitizer to Face Masks: How Companies are Changing Track to Fight COVID-19

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

The COVID-19 flare-ups difficulties to companies, governments, social orders all over the world. Trading companies in France are responding in various ways to guarantee business coherence, improvement of their flexible distribution channels or turn to creative approaches to generate revenues.

Health and beauty products distributors are playing a vital role to promote essential items, for example masks, sanitizers, protective equipment, hand gloves, glass and many others.

Repurposing Generates Incomes

Amid COVID-19, one of the critical needs for most companies in France is to generate incomes while protecting their workforce. The best method is “Re purposing”.

5-Step Method to Repurpose Rapidly

In a corona virus situation, many health and fashion brands are producing mask, gloves as a method of their repurposing. Many beauty brands in France are supplying sanitizers in the market. Generally, the huge production that takes months should now be executed in weeks or even days.

This requires a basic, five-step methodology-

  • Survey Existing Business: Survey the existing business in your country.

  • Review Your Requirements: Review the raw materials, workforce, and investment procedure.

  • Re-modify Products: Add some innovation or re-modify those products.

  • Produce and Manufacture them: Now, manufacture your products quickly.

There is potential for all businesses that are right now confronting enormous distribution and revenue crises. Contact with us to scale up your company in this pandemic.

Best Distributors for Your Business

Are you facing difficulties in your business? Do not wait for the right opportunities; create the new opportunity in this “new normal” pandemic situation. Contact us to improve your distribution channel and generate more revenues than you have expected. Yes, many trading companies in France are doing this with us. Be a member of our large community.