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Distributors Rising to the Challenge During the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

COVID-19 makes a massive impact on the health products distributions throughout the world. As European are worried about personal care and treatments, Wilbiz, the best trading partner in France, has the vital concern about the availability of healthcare products such as PPE kits, masks, sanitizers and life-saving drugs.

All the top pharmaceutical distributors in France are working together for the sake of public and private health care to ensure safety at this juncture.

Balancing the Supply Chain and Workforce

Sitting at the heart of the European pharmaceutical supply chain in France, we connect with millions of front line health care providers and retailers, drug manufacturers across the world. We are working 24*7 to find the best facilities and treatments for this crisis, cooperating with all the big houses.

Together We can Overcome It

We have experienced professionals who are guiding our bright employees to face this challenge and overcome it. Our professionals have long engagement with natural disasters and stunning plans for this emergency response scenario in this crisis period.

Thanks to our customers, they are also cooperating well to circulate the status of products, emails, newsletter and information.

Bringing Innovative Treatments to Market

We are working to provide accurate and timely information to our customers and ensure product availability.

The best part is, we were prepared in advance to face this crisis, backed up superbly by our professionals and reliable distribution channels.

Now, successful treatment is vital, so we are ensuring the following things-

  • Our inventories are ready to supply products to providers.

  • Timely products delivery.

  • Follow all regulatory advice and solve any discrepancy as soon as possible.

In short, we are doing everything we can to support our customers and balancing our workforce to continue operations in the healthcare system in Europe.We provide Anti-Covid Protection products face mask, masques, gants, gloves, surchaussures, charlotte & test covid TROD, RT-PCR Covid.