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Did you know about business culture in France?

France is possibly the most diversified nation on the planet. It has probably the biggest economy. It is a leader among European countries. As one of the popular trading partners France, today, we are going to tell you about the local culture and businesses.

The Geological Situation

France has a surface zone of more than 550,000 ㎢. This makes it the biggest country in Western Europe. It has one of the biggest Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ) on the planet, covering more than 11,035,000 ㎢.

General Education

Since World War II, the education system has been drastically redesigned. Now the present business education and skill development systems are suitable for all age groups. Many colleges and universities have extended their contributions to encourage and improve our workforce.

Social Issues

The French are glad for their culture. For influential business contacts, it is essential to know popular trading goods in France.


Fast transportation is essential for businesses. Indeed, we have an excellent transportation system from Paris, the heart of the company. Besides that, people also use public vehicles in urban areas.

Courtesy at work

Lastly, use the terms “monsieur” or “madam” when you address a French trading partner. Please use the pronoun “vous”, more polite than “tu”. Once you build a good relationship, you may use the “tu”.

French people are known for “la bise”. You may greet your trading partner with a light handshake.

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