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Addressing the Challenges of Pharmaceutical Distribution in International Markets

Many health and beauty products distributors face challenges when they need to distribute the products in the international markets. Indeed, it is tough and needs experience. Wilbiz is the best international distributor in France. If you have products to sell in France and China, then feel free to call us.

Today, we are going to address the challenges of pharmaceutical distributions in global markets. Call us to know more about these, and we will tell you how we overcome these hurdles.

Global Regulatory Challenges

We help our clients to understand and maintain all regulations and requirements from packaging to compliance language that must be printed on products.

The best way to deal with regulatory challenges is to hire experienced distributors for your company.

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Visibility of Supply Chains

Most of the companies cannot track their goods for the global marketplace. This leads to issues like counterfeits, drug shortage and makes it worse to sustain their business in the long run. Wilbiz, as the top pharmaceutical distributor, monitors all products and ensures the timely delivery.

Cold Storage

This is a major issue for small and mid-size companies. They need cold-chain shipping for heat-sensitive medicines.

Other Major Challenges

Following are the major challenges that most of the distributors usually face-

  • We need to deal with authorized companies and trusted sources to maintain effective sourcing, manufacturing, storage and transportation. In this way, we avoid any discrepancy in the future.

  • We worked with experienced and qualified professionals.

Our Suggestions

We have strong internal and external management to access all our supply chain and provide the best marketing solution in France.

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