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5 Trends Impacting Pharma in 2020

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

After a pandemic, we can find some major changes in the pharma industry. Today, in this article, we are going to describe our views on the top 5 trends in this industry. Briefly, as an international wholesale distributor, we can say that smooth internal and external communication, cooperation and collaboration are going to make the difference.

Growing Patient Engagement

All pharma companies are focusing on patient engagement. We can find in medical trials; they enhance this engagement to support the participation and take valuable information and responses.

Besides that, now, the patient can access the drug details and treatments. Drug manufacturers prioritize the support and deliver personalized messages to predict which patients are improving and how to improve the treatment for the world.

Information on a Common Platform

Now the commercial strategy is changing, and all the providers want a common platform to share and get information. Thus, reliance on healthcare providers is declining. On the other hand, collaboration, cooperation are increasing to build a patient-centric strategy.

Patient-Centric Approach

Now all companies are trying to deliver values to help patients. Besides that, they have to be more concerned about generics, drug expirations and compositions.

Moreover, non-therapeutic solutions (for example, early screening on the mobile app of the pharma companies) will play a vital role and make them more competitive.

Impact of Cloud Technology

Cloud technology will deliver all information on a platform. Besides that, all companies are focusing more on artificial intelligence to improve the manufacturing, research, development and commercial strategy.

Cross-Industry Collaboration

Pandemic has struck hard to all industries. So an innovative trend of the cross-industry model will set a new level for all business owners. All companies in different industries will help each other by sharing data and managing research and development.

Lastly, as one of the top pharmaceutical distributors in France, we ensure you that French pharmacy industry has a huge opportunity to scale up the businesses.

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