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5 Health and Pharmaceutical Companies Fighting the COVID-19 Coronavirus

Updated: Dec 25, 2020

In this pandemic, all health and pharmaceutical companies are playing a significant role to manufacture and distribute lifesaving drugs and other accessories like masks, sanitizer and PPC. Today, we are going to tell you about five health and pharma companies who are fighting against the COVID 19.

Moreover, all of these companies reflect a massive gain in the stock market and outperform other companies in the industry.


Abbvie has found the first potential COVID 19 drug, named as Aluvia. Aluvia is a solution to this global pandemic, and Abbvie has made a massive profit by supplying these essential needs. Besides that, this company has invested more than $2 million in their experimental process. Now, AbbeVie is working with WHO to ensure cooperation and coordination.

Astra Zeneca

Astra Zeneca is the forerunner in developing the vaccine and antibody to fight against the coronavirus. Now, many countries suggest that growing immunity and antibodies is the best way to fight against this unknown virus. They are working with top pharmaceutical distributors to maintain the supply chain of their drugs.Collaborating with the University of Oxford, Astra Zeneca is responsible for developing, manufacturing and distributing the vaccine worldwide.


AiCuris is developing its anti-infective drugs from their laboratories and helping regional hospitals and health centres in Europe. Now, this company is working on the test and selecting the proprietary compound to identify possible drugs for treatment.

Bayer AG

Bayer AG is a leading company because they are collaborating with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This company has invested a considerable amount to research in their laboratories to find the appropriate compound for treatment. Besides that, they are working with testing agencies to take the latest updates in the research.


This Swedish company has developed a promising strategy to research, manufacture and supply the essential drugs worldwide. We did not observe this rapid growth in the pharma industry before. All companies and distributors are playing their role in this pandemic, and many projects have been started to develop the vaccine.

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