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10 ways the Beauty Industry is Responding to Coronavirus

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

The beauty industry is trying to deal with this threat of coronavirus. It has been affected drastically. As a top beauty product distributor, we are revealing our strategy as well as other brands' responses to fight against COVID 19.

  1. Producing Soap and Sanitizers

Hand washing soaps and sanitizers have been at the center since the outbreak. These protect us against illness. However, many companies are re-purposing different fragrances to capture the market.

  1. Vaccines are on Its Way

Many beauty product brands are trying to develop a vaccine. Some beauty product brands like Johnson and Johnson are taking this step to fight against coronavirus, collaborating with other pharmaceutical companies.

  1. Setting New Upcoming Calendar

Beauty industries, in fact, all industries are setting their calendars for the upcoming years. Maybe we can observe a spike in the Christmas and New Year.

  1. Online Events

Promoting business brands online is the new normal. The fashion industry is taking its events online to reach their audiences.

  1. Working from Home

Managing the workforce is the main problem for all industries. The beauty industry is struggling to adapt remote working conditions for their companies.

  1. The Global Supply Chain has been Affected.

As health and beauty product distributors, we know the situation out there. Due to the travel restriction and awareness, the global circulation and supply chain has been affected severely.

  1. Disruption for Salon and Spa

Retailers, salon and spa owners are in critical condition. On the other hand, good sectors can supply their product online.

  1. Cooperating with Each Other

Many small business owners have reduced their workforce and collaborated with peer brands to overcome this pandemic.

  1. Reducing Their Workforce

Though this is not an appreciating step, the hard truth is- this is happening all around the globe.

  1. Developing Supply Chain

Many small brands have understood the importance of supply chain and networking. So they are taking this vital step to solve their problem with the help of beauty product distributors.

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