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10 Pharmaceutical Distribution Trends to Know

Many of our followers on social media have requested us to tell them more about the pharmaceutical distribution trends in 2021. As one of the top pharmaceutical distributors in France, we are going to tell you 10 trends in this blog post.

1. Sales Flowing through Distributors

Due to pandemic and global restrictions, many companies prefer to work with trading partners France. So sales are increasing.

2. Focus on Effective Selling

We have noticed that distributors are focusing on effective selling. Many factors are influencing the pharma sector. So manufacturers and distributors are concentrating on the product quality.

3. Specialty Drugs

98% of pharmaceutical sales are prescription drugs. Other than that, there are few items like personal care, durable medical equipment, health products and other non-prescribed drugs. The people are becoming more aware of their health, especially after the pandemic.

4. Hospitals and Specialty Pharmacies are Main Customers

Indeed, in 2021, the hospital and specialty pharmacies will be the customers for major distributors. Our statistics also present this.

5. Number of SKUs per Distributor is Increasing

The average numbers of generic prescription drugs are also increasing. Overall, nonprescription drugs are decreasing in the market.

6. Barcoded Products are Increasing

Manufacturers are focusing on barcodes. However, the number of barcodes is increasing, because the smaller the saleable unit, the more likely it will be barcoded.

7. Overstocking is Increasing

When customers return products to the distributors, the common reason behind this is overstocking. Due to pandemic, overstocking is an important factor. So in 2021, it may increase.

8. Use of Technology

Web based order entry and various latest technologies will play a major role in future. Overall, manufacturers are focusing on customer-friendly products and services. Most of the top trading partners France use the latest technologies in their business.

9. Data Management Services are Essential

The importance of information management services will be an important part of this sector. In every sector, data is very important, and we need to keep and analyze data in the best possible way.

10. Inventory Management

More demand means more products. That is why; inventory management is a big challenge for all.