Wilbiz is an international wholesale distributor and FMCG product trading agency in France.  

Thanks to our direct sourcing and close relationship with suppliers in many brands. Our professionals are multilingual and very reactive to answer every need and offer from all over the world. 


As a trading company in France, our goal is to help you attract more customers, grow sales and achieve your business objectives in China

We have built a reputation in health and beauty products distributions by actively supplying cosmetic and pharma products.



Choose the Best Trading Partner in France

As your international business partner based in Paris, we do everything oriented towards our essential business requirements and goals.


A dynamic team is put in place to focus on the branding and distribution strategy, which makes up of native France and Chinese. They are very reactive and have innovative thinking.


Our experts in business and culture enable us to deliver every aspect of your projects. That is why; we are running the top pharmaceuticals and beauty products distribution in France.

Our Trading Goods in France


Our goal is to help you attract

more customers, grow sales, and achieve your branding  objectives in China.


The Best Branding Solution Company in France

Our goal is to offer our suppliers strong and flexible distribution channels. The Wilbiz team of international branding solutions is working hard to identify and negotiate with retailers. We endeavor to have a strong relationship with our extended team members to be the best trading agency in France.


We survey many businesses and find the best trends for our business branding services. We understand that you need the best consumers and environment to build your brand. Thus, we strive to contribute and accommodate the best possible trading strategy for your business.  


We build specific partnerships with customers to help them better develop business, follow up branding processes and optimize the distributions. 


Now, discuss your business with us, and we will provide the best all in one Trading partner in France and China.